Midtown Farmers Market Pre-Orders

***Note, this page is for pre-orders of Winter Goddess Foods products to be picked up in person at the Midtown Farmers Market in South Minneapolis.  For delivery items, please click the tab for "Your Daily Bread" Delivery Service.***

Thanks to forward-thinking by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, Midtown Farmers Market and others around the state are considered essential services during the Coronavirus pandemic.  As a result, our market will be open but with substantial changes. One of these is an opportunity to pre-order products from our company for you to pick up and take home using social distancing practices.  While market vendors will still accept cash for purchases, we want to offer you an easy way to order and pre-pay for your items.  This way you can stop at the market, pick up your purchases, and be on your way with minimum contact.

If you choose not to pre-order, you can still shop the market and our booth as normal, but please be advised that product availability may be limited.

How it works:

Scroll below and select the products you would like and click the PayPal button and pay for your items using a bank or credit card.  Place your order anytime between Saturday and Wednesday.

***This next part is very important.  Please read.***

When you check out, DO NOT TOUCH the checkmark in the box that says "Ship to billing address."  Under the shipping section, choose the "PICK UP" option (You must choose the PICK UP option to avoid shipping charges).  

We will receive and fulfill your order, bag it up, and have it available for you to pick up at the Saturday market at the end of that week.  The only contact that you will have with us is picking up your bag of goodies.  Easy peasy!

Please note that if you place an order after Wednesday, it will NOT be available for pick up until the following week's Saturday market!

Product Offerings

MTFM Wild Rice Bread

Tranquility Chai

Aww Nuts!

8 oz bag

Caramel Moments

Organic Baked Goods

As always, thank you so much for supporting our business.  May the blessings of Peace, Good Health, and Prosperity be with you!

Nehemiah and Terry,
Winter Goddess Foods

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