Aww Nuts

Aww Nuts! Classic

This nutty snack is a sweet and savory mix of crunchy almonds and cashews toasted in organic brown sugar, organic spices and a pinch of organic cayenne pepper to balance the sweet with a bit of savory.  Satisfying and addictive, this is a farmers market favorite, now packaged for retail sale.

Aww Nuts! Slow Burn

I developed our newest nut mix after the urging of folks who wanted a little "kick" with their Aww Nuts.  Rather than blast your taste bud away, I opted to add just enough organic cayenne pepper to elevate the flavor of the nuts, providing you with a nice chew as the heat slowly steps up to say "hello."  Imagine my surprise once I found that our Slow Burn has become more popular than our Classic Aww Nuts!  If you can take a little heat, give 'em a try.  You'll be glad you did!

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  1. these are the BEST! I love them

  2. Bought some Awww Nuts Classic at the Linden Hills Market today and they are delicious! I was going to save them for Christmas but no willpower. Also bought the wild rice bread, also a winner.

    1. They are good, aren't they? Glad you enjoy our Aww Nuts, Wilma. I guess we'll be seeing you again soon, huh? Hahaha! Thank you for supporting Winter Goddess Foods.

  3. I brought them to Texas for a winter trip, and shared them at the RV park where I stayed. Needless to say, they were a big hit!