Aww Nuts

Aww Nuts! Classic

This nutty snack is a sweet and savory mix of crunchy almonds and cashews roasted in organic brown sugar, organic spices and a pinch of organic cayenne pepper to balance the sweet with a bit of savory.  Satisfying and addictive.

Aww Nuts! Slow Burn

I developed this nut mix after the urging of folks who wanted a little "kick" with their Aww Nuts.  I added just enough organic cayenne pepper to elevate the flavor of the nuts, providing you with a nice chew as the spicy heat slowly creeps up to say "hello." Imagine my surprise once I found that our Slow Burn has become more popular than our Classic Aww Nuts!  If you can take a little heat, give 'em a try.  You'll be glad you did!

Aww Nuts! Inferno

I am by nature a "Chili Head."  There are those of you who like me crave the taste of spicy heat, and for some, the hotter the better.  For you, I have created our newest Aww Nuts flavor, Inferno.  In addition to the goodly quantity of organic cayenne pepper, I have also included organic red pepper to boost the heat's intensity.  Now while I do like heat, as a producer, I believe it must be balanced and not harsh or overpowering.  That's why, while our Inferno is hotter than the other two nut mixes, it is not "Trial by fire" or "test of tolerance." Rather, my Aww Nuts Inferno kicks up the heat beyond Slow Burn, giving you that great nut flavor coupled with an even larger blast of sweet heat without being harsh.

Fellow Chili heads, this one's for you.  For the rest of you, try 'em if you dare!

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  1. these are the BEST! I love them

  2. Bought some Awww Nuts Classic at the Linden Hills Market today and they are delicious! I was going to save them for Christmas but no willpower. Also bought the wild rice bread, also a winner.

    1. They are good, aren't they? Glad you enjoy our Aww Nuts, Wilma. I guess we'll be seeing you again soon, huh? Hahaha! Thank you for supporting Winter Goddess Foods.

  3. I brought them to Texas for a winter trip, and shared them at the RV park where I stayed. Needless to say, they were a big hit!