Thursday, September 30, 2021

A little Housekeeping


 It has been a while since I have updated our site, what with assisting Terry through her health issues and trying to keep our business running smoothly during a pandemic and the aftermath of the George Floyd murder.  What initially started as a challenge turned into a labor of love, and a drop load of blessings from The Great Spirit.

We are having a wonderful time seeing our customers and Peeps at the Midtown Farmers Market adjacent to Moon Palace Books on Hiawatha Avenue in South Minneapolis.  The market has had a remarkable effect on the community as we go through rebuilding, and it has become a powerful force for good as we are all pulling together to make sure that everyone has a safe and fun shopping experience.  Terry and I love to see the smiles on people's faces as they walk away from our table clutching their muffins, scones, or bag of Aww Nuts that they can't wait to tear into.  Over the years we have received so many compliments on our products from market customers, and honestly, it is both uplifting and humbling. The Midtown Farmers Market will forever be near and dear to our hearts.

One of our biggest blessings this year has been welcoming Arbeiter Brewing Company as one of our new favorite wholesale partners.  Garth and the crew at Arbeiter brew some of the most unique and flavorful beer that I have come across in a long time.  Not only that, but they are such warm and fun people to be around.  With their positive work ethic, they can't help but brew some of the tastiest beers in Minnesota.  And what pairs up well with beer?  Our Aww Nuts, of course!  They have quickly become a brewery favorite among the customers, causing me to work even harder to keep them in stock.  (Remember, this IS a labor of Love!)  If you are looking for a delicious beer that's a little off the beaten path, you owe it to yourself to give Arbeiter a try.  They are located at 3038 Minnehaha Avenue right next to Moon Palace Books and the Midtown Farmers Market.  Tell 'em Nehemiah sent you!

Another of our new wholesale partners is Tare Market, Minnesota's FIRST zero-waste shop.  At Tare Market, their goal is to provide eco-friendly products and educational resources that will help you live a more sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle! Translation: Like Winter Goddess Foods, Tare Market strives to think globally while acting locally by providing products and advice to help you reduce both plastic and paper waste, and your carbon footprint around your home.  Tare has partnered with Winter Goddess Foods to offer our Aww Nuts! Slow Burn nut mix in bulk at their store, and the customer response has been ecstatic!  What's really cool about this shop is the fact that for every product purchased online, Tare Market plants a tree.  In fact, as of today, they have planted a total of 2,953 trees and counting. Annie, Danae, and the wonderful staff at Tare are truly doing their part to improve the environment.  The shop is located at 2717 E. 38th Street in South Minneapolis.  
To find out more about their mission, and to order products online, click here

Last but definitely not least, Winter Goddess Foods has partnered up with Brand Builders by KLC, a consulting company for mission-driven natural product brands. Our brand will be featured at their Brand Builders Market at Keg and Case in St. Paul, MN starting Friday, October 1st (tomorrow). This means we’ll have access to exclusive opportunities to help us grow and expand our product line and customer base - all in the effort of furthering our mission of offering folks a "better" alternative to the chemically laden treats and snacks that have flooded our supermarkets and club warehouses.

Terry and I want to offer a shout-out to @Kate.LaBrosse and the team at @BrandBuildersByKLC and @KegAndCaseMN for offering our company this opportunity!

Whew!  That's a LOT going on, but there's more coming on the horizon.  We just can't talk about it yet! 😁 Suffice it to say that Terry and I are excited for what’s ahead, and we hope you are too!  

Please, stay safe, do all the COVID preventative things, and be kind to your fellow humans.


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