Monday, September 7, 2020

New Wholesale Partner Addition - Kowalski's Market!

Kowalski's Eagan Market Storefront

Winter Goddess Foods is proud to announce that our products are now featured at Kowalski's Market.  Kowalski's is a venerable, multi-award-winning group of stores in the Twin Cities area known for its beautiful, roomy aesthetic, and great customer service.  

Kowalski's Market Uptown | Retail Construction | EFH Co.

Currently, all varieties of our Tranquility Chai, Aww Nuts, and Granola are on display and ready for your enjoyment at their Eagan, St. Paul, Downtown Minneapolis, and Uptown locations, with other locations to be added in the future. 

Kowalskis 4

Kowalski’s has a stellar reputation for supporting local “Independent” vendors like us, and we would like to return the favor by encouraging you to support them as well.  We are grateful to be partnered with such a stellar company, and we hope you will shop in their stores and enjoy all of their wonderful offerings.  A word to the wise, don't forget to check out their pastry section.  In the world of grocery stores, it is one of the best in the Twin Cities.

As summer begins to wane with Fall swiftly approaching, here's wishing you and yours all blessings of Good Health, Peace, and Comfort during these challenging times!

Nehemiah and Terry

Winter Goddess Foods

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