Thursday, March 19, 2020

Our response to COVID-19, and our new local delivery service, Your Daily Bread

Winter Goddess Foods response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

As with any licensed food business in the State of Minnesota and the City of Minneapolis, Winter Goddess Foods complies with and exceeds local, state and federal Best Practices to make sure we produce clean tasty products for you, the people of our Twin Cities communities and beyond. More importantly, we want to make sure that you have access to your favorite organic products, even with the prospect of self-isolation and social distancing looming.
Let’s face it, we are living in troubled times right now. During this period, it can be tough to know who to believe and what to do to keep ourselves and our families safe as this virus spreads throughout the country. Local municipalities and communities are being proactive in their attempts to limit the spread of COVID-19 with school closures and cancellations of events where large gatherings of people are expected. Self-isolation for those who are ill or suspect they have contracted this illness is fast becoming the norm in combatting this public health problem. The rising uncertainty and fear of COVID-19 and the prospects of being in large groups of people have given many of us pause in how we live our daily lives. That is where we are coming in to help.
For those of you who reside outside of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, nothing has changed.  You can order with confidence directly from our website as you always have, and you have our assurance that you will receive the same tasty, chemical-free products and customer service that you have come to expect from us. 
For those of you who DO reside in the Twin Cities Metro, we have exciting news for you.  We are rolling out our new curbside delivery service that we call, Your Daily Bread.  If you or your loved ones are ill, quarantined, self-isolating or you just prefer to receive our organic products in a more convenient way, we stand ready to serve you. Please click the tab above that reads, "Your Daily Bread" for information on available items and how to order.
Over the next several weeks and months, Markets and Spring events where Winter Goddess Foods products are normally featured and sold face the prospect of postponement or cancellation. Because of this, Terry and I have developed this plan to make sure that you always have access to the products you have come to love. The current situation is fluid and as things change, we will keep you informed of our plans as we move forward. Together with you, our loyal customers, we will make it through these times.
Nehemiah and Terry
Winter Goddess Foods