Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Winds of Change

This summer seems to be deviating a lot from the norm, what with pleasantly warm days interspersed with dreadfully high humidity, followed by torrential downpours, and back again.  Sometimes it's enough to make your head spin, especially when your Farmers Market has to cancel due to dangerous weather.  As always, Winter Goddess Foods rolls with the punches and continues onward delivering our tasty products wherever we go.

A number of changes have happened this year with most of them being for the good.  Unfortunately due to the physicality involved in outdoor venues, and with Terry and I getting older now, we have resigned ourselves to only doing two Farmers Markets this year rather than three or more.  Rest assured, Winter Goddess Foods isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  We just need to structure our time and work a little differently.  Don't worry though.  You'll still see our smiling faces and welcoming hearts at both the Midtown and Linden Hills Farmers Markets for the foreseeable future!

We are very excited to announce that our company has partnered up with MN Brands for Good, a wonderful entity that provides fundraising opportunities for schools and organizations using socially conscious local companies to supply uniquely Minnesota made products as their offerings. This is a far cry from the same old tired, stale candy, boring wrapping paper or dated magazine subscriptions.  Organizations can now make money while supporting local sustainable companies in the process.  It is truly a WIN-WIN for everyone! If your Minnesota school or organization needs to fundraise and wants to break away from the "same old, same old," you can find their link HERE.

Art in the Garden, MN Arboretum
We have also signed on to a number of sales events for the latter part
of the year including the Minnesota Arboretum's Art in the Garden in August, and the Arboretum's 2-day Holiday Show in December.  Please be sure to check the left panel of our page for the updates to our Show and Market schedule so you don't miss out on your favorite Winter Goddess products for gift giving and for your own personal pleasure. (Remember, Toffee, Truffle and Turtle season begins anew starting in October!)

That's all for now.  Please live in LOVE and be kind to each other, especially during the "Dog Days of Summer."
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Farmers Market Season is coming soon!

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As we await the last gasp of Winter weather with the impending Spring snowstorm, we wanted to remind you that the Farmers Markets will be gearing up in about a month, with vendors like ourselves preparing to bring you our best for you and your family!

Related imageIn particular, the Midtown Farmers Market and the Linden Hills Farmers Market both open up in May 2019.  In additional news, due to the construction of buildings and a plaza for the market at its current location, the Midtown Farmers Market this year moves temporarily to a new location for the next two years while the work is ongoing.  The new location will be in the lot beside Moon Palace Books on Minnehaha Avenue in South Minneapolis, about four blocks from the current site.  The owners, who were once vendors at the market themselves have graciously agreed to host the Midtown Market on their property as a way of giving back to the Market.  Opening day is Saturday, May 4th from 8 am to 1 pm and the market will be open every Saturday through October.  Their Tuesday market runs from June through October from 3 - 7pm.  Click our link on the left side of the webpage for more information.

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The Linden Hills Farmers Market (and Minneapolis Craft Market) located at the parking lot of Settergren's Hardware store will return on Sunday, May 19th from 9 am to 1 pm and will run every Sunday through October 27th.  Again, click the link on the left side of our page for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at both locations!  Here's to wishing us all a happy and healthy (and snow-free) Spring and Summer season at the Farmers Markets!


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