Monday, October 31, 2016

The 2016 Farmers Market Season has finally ended *Sigh*

As always this time of year, Winter Goddess Foods and our wonderful Farmers Market patrons wax bittersweet on the last days of the market season.  Many of our neighborhood friends came by at the Midtown, Richfield, and Linden Hills Farmers Markets to get the last of the farm fresh produce, artisan produced food items and artisan crafts, before the onset of colder weather.  We received hundreds of thank you's and well wishes from our Peeps who showed their appreciation for the work that we do to bring clean, tasty organic goodness to our neighborhoods.  It is truly humbling to receive such wonderful appreciation from our neighbors and market shoppers from all over the Twin Cities area, and beyond.  We have even served people from all over the world who came to visit us for our products including folks from England, Italy, Iceland and Norway.  Our hearts are full, and we are truly thankful to the Great Spirit for the privilege of being able to serve so many wonderful people.

Terry and I want to recognize and salute all of our market patrons from the Centennial Lakes, Midtown, Richfield, and Linden Hills Farmers Markets who came to visit us throughout the season and purchase our products.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your families needs, not only with our food, drink, and snack items but with education about organic ingredients and sustainability, as well as a chance to serve up a little laughter and good feelings to raise all of our vibrations.  You are near and dear to us.

Thank you for allowing our company to fulfill our sacred trust to you by providing delicious, wholesome and healthy products made to the highest quality.  We wish you all a wonderful Holiday season, a comfortable and prosperous winter and Spring, and we look forward to serving you again in May 2017!