Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Grant Opportunity Update

Voting wrap up: Folks, we received our required 250 votes by the fifth day of voting. By Friday June 19th, our final vote tally came to 270 votes! That is truly amazing! You guys have boosted us into the judging or "panel review process" phase. Between now and September, the panel from Chase, and Mission Main Street Grants will review the qualifying applicants, narrow them down, and choose their favorites. While there is no doubt that there are other businesses who have generated more votes for their own campaigns, we believe that to be irrelevant. Terry and I feel that our process in creating our organic products, our work acumen, our desire to act globally by acting locally, and our community involvement along with our unique story, provides us with a good enough cause for the panel to choose Winter Goddess Foods as one of the twenty recipients of a $100,000 business grant. However, we would have never arrive at this point if it weren't for you.

Seeing so much outpouring of Love and support from our community of "Peep" is truly humbling. (And especially those of you voting from around the world!) Terry and I not only shared tears of joy when we reached our goal, but we both marvelled as we watched some of you go on campaigns of your own, mobilizing your family, friends and co-workers to vote for us. Some of you went beyond that point and encouraged folks they didn't know to vote. To think that folks care enough for us and our business to go so far to help us succeed speaks volumes as to how rich we truly are. If Terry and I have learned anything at all from this entire process, it is that we are Loved. Thank you, each and every one of you who joined with us in this endeavor to help grow our business. You are the reason we do what we do; to make available good healthy chemical free products at an affordable price, that are "Made with Love for your Well-being." We are in your debt, and we Love you right back!

Thank you! ~ Nehemiah and Terry

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