Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Great info

Hey folks!  In my quest to continue my own education regarding food, what serves the body well, and what does not, I have come across another informative article (with links) that I thought you would appreciate.  There is a dietary school of thought out there called Paleo which revolves around eating the foods that our ancestors ate back in antiquity.  It is a simple approach to eating which eliminates all processed food, additives and artificial ingredients.  The premise behind this approach is very appealing to us here at Winter Goddess Foods, and seems to be quite sound.  However, human beings, because of who we are, have a tendency to complicate the simple by developing an ideology behind it.  As a result we prefer and promote a rigid standard and impose it on others, and promote it as the right/best/proper way to live.  Food is no different.  (I look forward to addressing the topic of food, ideology and "Nutriligion" in a future article.)

Depending on ideology, the Paleo eliminates foods that can be very beneficial for the vast majority of people who attempt to live by it.  The article below attempts to establish that moderation and gearing towards what each individual needs is actually the better way to go. Besides, why should good tasting and beneficial foods be eliminated?  Check out the link right here for the skinny!



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