Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A few nice thoughts

Terry and I sure enjoy what we do.  Whether it's her making wonderful confections like her caramels and Butter Crunch Toffee, to me blending a batch of Tranquility Chai or more Granola, we feel privileged to be doing what we love rather than the grind of the "rat race."

Even so, this is a business, and as with all small businesses where it is just one or two people doing everything, there are times that we get tired.  There are times when the details and responsibilities weigh a little heavier on the mind (and the back). There are also times that it takes a more concentrated focus on what we do to avoid the "drone" syndrome.  That is to say, getting caught up in the doing of the thing, rather than thinking about the purpose behind it.

Then we receive messages like these from fans:

**I taste your love in your food. Absolutely amazing! - K. Brown

**We bought the vegan Chai a few months ago at the midtown market and just tried it this week. Finally we have something to drink on these extremely cold winter days when everyone else has their hot chocolate. Thank you for a quality product that makes us feel so special! - M.O. M.

**Just ordered more Chai, Cocoa and Granola. Your stuff rocks! We bought a bunch at Hana's fund raiser and now I don't think we are going to be able to live without it. - C. Adams

It's comments like these that lift up our spirits and put the wind back in our sails. These wonderful sentiments remind Terry and I of our purpose, and our reason for making Winter Goddess Foods what it is.  Thank you so much, our wonderful fans and followers, for believing in us, and in what we do.  We are honored that you have placed your trust in our products and in US!

In addition, here is a link to the nice write up that we received recently from one of our retail partners.



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